Social Responsibility


Preschool teachers care for children when parents are away at work or for other reasons that the parent is not around during daytime hours. Preschool teachers tend to the health, safety and nutrition of children. They feed the children breakfast, lunch and snacks, and serve them beverages as well. They also help them go to the bathroom and clean up afterward. In the mornings, they greet children who are dropped off by parents or caregivers, and help them remove outerwear and get settled in for the day’s activities.

Planning Activities

At Bizzy Buddyz, we are committed to working together to ensure the highest quality of Early Learning and Child-Care Programmes, by incorporating in our programmes traditional values, progressive outlook, innovative and up to date methods of teaching. The focus of our programme is to create developmentally appropriate learning, in a positive environment, which provides individual learning and encourages Child-Parent participation. Our vision is accomplished through the cooperation of our trained staff, children and families and by setting for ourselves the highest standards in education, hygiene and safet


Preschool teachers have a large responsibility to teach children. They introduce children to reading, writing, science, creative arts, social studies, and expand on their vocabulary. They teach basic skills such as number recognition, colours, shapes, letter recognition, how to write their names, personal hygiene and how to use proper manners such as please and thank you.

Monitoring Development

Preschool teachers also have an important responsibility to monitor children’s development. All children are different and develop at different rates and it is important for preschool teachers to know which children are developing and learning at a normal rate and level and which children need a little added help. Preschool teachers can monitor this by watching children carefully and keeping notes on each child’s progress. They also observe and evaluate children’s behaviour, social development and physical health and discuss any problems they see with the parents or guardians of the child.

Meeting with Parents and Prefessionals

Another responsibility of preschool teachers is to meet with other professionals in the education field and with the parents or guardians of the children in their care. Preschool teachers discuss lesson plans and what they are doing daily to help improve their classroom. They also discuss how each child is doing with progress in learning various things. Preschool teachers may also discuss with parents ways to help promote learning and development on their own at home and not just only in the classroom.