Day Care

Feeling uncomfortable with the idea of hiring a nanny?? Look for a quality day care.

WeeEase – A Home Away from Home. The best choice for your Child’s Care.

WeeEase” is a child care facility that offers Cosy, Fun and Joyful world for your children after school. It is open to Babies, Toddlers as well as young children. WeeEase is a Day Care program of Bizzy Buddyz to facilitate working Parents.

Facilities for your child at WeeEase

  1. Free space and homely nurture for the children under supervision of a well trained and experienced staff.
  2. The mandate of WeeEase is to ensure that children rest and grow in a safe and intellectually stimulating environment.
  3. Fresh home-cooked nutritious and well-balanced food.
  4. Personalized care to each child.
  5. Best of Hygiene.
  6. 100% Power Backup.
  7. Comfortable bedding for sound nap after school fatigue.
  8. Evening activities.
  9. Free CCTV service to view your child’s activities and care.

Look for these insider tips before choosing a Day Care

  • Get Recommendations from people who had similar values for the place. Enrol your child in a program recommended by your friend or acquaintance.
  • Look for signs of an organised, well-throughout day. Because children feel safe when their days are structured and predictable it makes sense to look for a day-care with clear plans and programs.
  • Look beyond yourself the care and growth of your child. The child’s comfort and smile on the face tells you how he/she has been taken care off.
  • Make sure the child care staff is fully attuned to the child’s development. They are Professionally Trained, Lovable and Child Friendly.
  • An environment that builds creativity.

WeeEase passes all the above parameters. We want your child’s experience, here, to be positive and we will work hard to achieve your satisfaction. If you are not completely pleased with any part of our program, we encourage you to speak with your child’s teacher or the concerned people. We will do everything possible to address any issues of concern.

Day Care Program

The program is divided into 3 slabs from the age group of 6 months – 10 years.

  1. Happy Hours : A full day program for infants from 09:00am to 07:00pm (Monday to Saturday).
  2. Noon Hours : A nap day program for toddlers and above from 12:30pm to 03:00pm (Monday to Saturday).
  3. Evening Hours : A Half day program from 12:30pm to 07:00pm (Monday to Saturday).

Note :

  • No extra billing for extra-curricular activities.
  • Special Hourly Activity program.