First step in the right direction is a key to achieve the success in education. A solid foundation is essential to build the capacity and capability of the child to take any load of learning process in life.We shape your aspiration into reality and provide the learning environment for your child to face the world with competence and confidence. Our firm belief, that your child is an invaluable gift of nature that requires tender and personal care in learning, guides us in innovating new ways and means of education. Your fun loving busy kid keeps us Bizzy in finding innovative way to educate and train her/him to take up the duty of building nation.


At Bizzy Buddyz, we are committed to working together to ensure the highest quality of Early Learning and Child-Care Programmes, by incorporating in our programmes traditional values, progressive outlook, innovative and up to date methods of teaching. The focus of our programme is to create developmentally appropriate learning, in a positive environment, which provides individual learning and encourages Child-Parent participation. Our vision is accomplished through the cooperation of our trained staff, children and families and by setting for ourselves the highest standards in education, hygiene and safet

Principal Desk

“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”

The child is born with the potential to mature and at successive age levels, grasp and learn the language, ways of behaving, attitudes and values of his culture. He is born also with the potential for recognising and re-moulding many aspects of his culture in harmony with changing conditions and needs. Thus, the child is a product of culture, as much as he of biology and through the process of good education; he is moulded to fit into a particular culture.

Every child comes to school with certain interests and motives. Every child has qualities that nature has concealed at the bottom of its mind. As hidden qualities or hidden treasures count for nothing, so they have to be discovered to the level that they can change or performances; like the hidden treasure brought to the surface to be used. Hence, we at Bizzy Buddyz discover, direct and capitalize upon the child’s motives and interests for educational purposes.

A quality of a child neglected or un-cared for is bound to wither and die. But, Bizzy Buddyz offers innumerable opportunities to develop the child’s talent to the extent to explore nature’s endured qualities.

Teachers at our school study child’s nature as carefully as they study their books. The mind of the pupil is the primary concern of the teacher here. We assess how one personality of a child acts on another, how group life modifies an individual, how corporate life of the school assists in the development of a child. Parents are given all space to understand how knowledge systems are built and how we think, behave and reason. Children at Bizzy Buddyz are given all the necessary tools to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.


“There is always one moment in the childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.”